The Shabby Alpaca, LLC (Shabby Alpaca) offers the following simple policies:


We ship super FAST! We almost always ship new orders within two days* and we use USPS Priority Mail, so in less than a week, you'll be enjoying your Shabby goods!

We have a policy when it comes to caring for the environment and you've probably heard it before: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We've decided to sacrifice super fancy outer packaging and to do our reasonable best to care for the earth by reusing perfectly good boxes to ship you your goods. That means the box that comes to your door may not be perfect or pristine and it probably has Amazon tape on it. We are the Shabby Alpaca after all....Our commitment to you is that the goods will be perfect-not necessarily the box they come in. The only exception to this is if you are sending a gift. In that case, we feel like even the outer packaging should make your recipient feel special.

Our shipping pricing is simple, we know that shipping fees are super lame, but one of Shabby's values is offering you affordable alpaca goods so we can't eat the shipping fees for you because our goods are not marked up to cover the shipping cost. So, every order costs you what it costs us to ship it.

Tracking information is sent upon shipment and we do track every package we mail. Once USPS shows your package as delivered, we cannot be responsible for loss or theft. Please contact USPS with your tracking information and file a claim with them. We will always provide you with tracking information.

Returns, Refunds & Exchanges

Because each item is hand picked by us, we stand behind the quality of our goods. Therefore, any item you purchase from should last. If it doesn't, we will gladly offer you a full refund for the purchase price and accept your return. If you purchase an item as a gift and the recipient isn't satisfied, we are also happy to give store credit or exchange an item for a correct size or color.

Copyright Notice

Please be aware that all product images are the intellectual property of The Shabby Alpaca, LLC. Please do not use our images without exclusive permission. Pinning and sharing of images is acceptable so long as they remain in their original form with watermark intact. However, claiming our work as your own or using our work in your publication without permission is not. Contact for more information or with questions.


*We are actual human beings. So while we do our reasonable best to ship within two days, things do sometimes happen that delay us from this. If we can't get it out that fast, we promise to let you know!